About us

Krídla nad Nitrou (Wings above Nitra) is non-profit organisation with a simple goal:

To fly, fly, fly! Fly in the morning, fly in the evening. To fly just for the joy of flying!

We want to associate flying enthusiasts and people which do not know how awesome experience flying really is yet.

We also want to allow all interested parties to become familiar with flying on powered hang gliders. Flying where you feel the wind on your face and where you are not isolated from the beauty of our country.

To put it simply:”Come fly with us!

Official goals of our associations are:

1. The aim of the association is to actively promote the sport of flying, which includes:

a) protection and promotion of health
b) promoting the development of physical culture
c) education

2. To carry out the objectives of our association we shall carry out the following:

a) associate people interested in flying, promote and defend the interests of association members,
b) improve and create the conditions necessary for the sport of flying,
c) organise the sport of flying events,
d) promotion and development of the sport of flying,
e) practice hobby and training flying for the public,
f) organize and participate in sporting competitions,
g) provide material and financial aid to members of the association in order to promote the sport of flying,
h) education in the field of the sport of flying.